Garcia Alanex ,BH ZVVL1,IOP1

Additional Information about Garcia

We welcome home our newest girl Garcia Alanex  she is being shipped to us directly from Czech after her training .  

 German Shepherd Variety: short-haired  

 Color; Solid Black German Shepherds are referred to as 'Lacquer Blacks'  Breeded in:CMKU FCI Nickname: Garcia Date of birth; 25.03.2015 Height / Weight: 65 lbs. Pedigree number: CMKU DS 98476/15   Titles; BH, Z V V L 1, IOP1 

  X-rays: HD, ED 0/0 

  All of our dogs are DNA tested so you may verify our dogs come from the pedigree we advertise ,    She has a strong drive that will be reproduced in her puppies. She is personal protection trained, and does her job very well.    she has a great temperament, extreme ball drive, lots of expression, Loving and protective nature

Pedigree click on picture

Pedigree click on picture