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Orthopedic Foundation for Animals


Health-Tested Parents for Healthier Puppies. Our mission is to promote the health and welfare of companion animals through a reduction in the incidence of genetic disease.

Welcome to NuVet


Welcome to NuVet Labs® where making quality nutritional supplements and products to help end poor health and suffering for all pets, is all the motivation we need.

Welcome to the United Schutzhund Clubs of America!


We are an organization dedicated to protecting and preserving the German Shepherd Dog’s working heritage by hosting conformation shows, breed surveys, and Schutzhund trials. These “exams” are major contributors in ensuring that we consistently breed only the finest dogs and ensure that the German Shepherd dog continues to be the best and most versatile breed.



Congratulations on owning a German Shepherd Dog. Some of the first things you brought home with your dog were food, a food and water bowl and a collar. . . And there is one more thing you need to do for your new best friend. - Join the German Shepherd Dog Club of America. (GSDCA).

Welcome to the online home of Protection Sports Association!


This website offers all the essentials you will need to learn about PSA, become a member, view trial videos, get up-to-date trial information and results, post classifieds, read and write training articles and

German Shepherd Dog Forums


This forum is for questions and suggestions about the functions concerning the board. This is not for questions concerning dogs, training, etc. We'd love to hear your comments and questions about the board. Have a suggestion that you might help? This is the place to share your ideas and thoughts.

Texas Star Bengal Kittens


F1's, F2's, F3's, and SBT Bengal Kittens that we offer, take a minute to look at the available   kittens and call if you are seriously interested. Stacy  (214)-552-0901

The different coats of the German Shepherd


This will only cover the "common" German Shepherd colors - Sable, Black and tan, Bicolor and Black. Please note that white is not a "color" but a masking gene, which I will not cover here.

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Pedigree Database


Consider a rescue German Shepherd


Find a Test


Genetic testing is an excellent tool for determining and cultivating genetically healthy breeding practices, as well as a diagnostic tool for preventative wellness planning.

American Kennel Club


For the Love of All Things Dog

we feed our puppies Authority puppy until the age of one year old


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Running a holiday sale or weekly special? Definitely promote it here to get customers excited about getting a sweet deal.

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