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Vonstarlite kennel cost of a purebred German shepherd

Pricing:     Vonstarlite kennel puppy price. Price are 950.00 with full AKC papers     Call/text 239-258-526 AKC registered purebred German shepherd dogs located in Lehigh Acres, Florida    Vonstarlite kennel cost of a purebred German shepherd  We only breed a few times a year, so if you are interested in one of my puppies you need to contact me and I will put you on my call list so you are one of the first to be given a chance to send a deposit.  Deposits are $310.00; the 10.00  is for the fee charged by PayPal not included in the price of the puppy. Deposits made with checks, cash and money orders there is no deposit fee.  The State of Florida requires us to charge sales tax to all Florida residents 6.5%will be include in the total price of the puppy for Fl. sales tax.  A puppy that cost $1200.00 there is a sales tax of $72.00 this goes to the state and is included in the price of the puppy.  1200.00 This is the law of Florida I have no control of it    You can pay the deposit through PayPal or either mail a check or money order. To Pay through PayPal use the "Pay Deposits Online" button at the bottom of page.  Please remember that owning a dog is a great financial responsibility, they get sick and need medical attention and medicines just like us and if you think medical doctors are high, wait to you visit a vet.  Please read over my purchase contract.  Click here for Purchase Contract  All puppies are AKC registered. We intend to breed and sell dogs as working dogs we may occasionally a dog that lacks the characteristics that would enable it to be sold or used for its Intended for working purpose, puppies that don’t meet the characteristics of a working dog are sold with a Limited Registration (pet companions), only a select few with be sold with Full Registration they are sold for a specific purpose, such as herding, guarding, hunting, breeding, racing, sledding, security, service, therapy.   Your pick of the litter depends on when we receive your deposit:  Example: You want a male puppy, if you are the first person to contact us stating you want a male and send in your deposit then you get 1st pick of the male puppies. If another person has contacted us and already paid their deposit for a male then you get 2nd pick of the males etc.......                      

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 AKC Registered Purebred German Shepherd Dogs German Shepherd Kennel Located in Lehigh Acres, Florida Included with your Vonstarlite puppy     

    1. AKC registration papers     

   2. Medical records   

   3. Five generation pedigree 

   4. One year health guarantee 

  5. Florida health certificate from our vet,

 6.  Full AKC registration, or limited registration,  

   7. One year Hip and Elbow warranty,   

  8 One year congenital health problem  

  9. Microchip. 

  10. Dewormed and first set of shots

   All puppies are AKC  registered.

 *Ask about our discounts for military, police officer, and family with kids with special needs.* 

 Prices & Selecting a Breeder: When selecting your new family member that will be an intimate part of your family for the next 12 to 14 years is not a time to be cutting corners.  Place the important items first on your list such as health, personality, and appearance. Price should be considered as well but purchasing a healthy mentally sound puppy with a good genetics background will be money well spent.   A poorly bred puppy can cost you a lot of money down the road on veterinary bills as well as  social problems.   The cost of a $1500.00 puppy averages about $125 a year over the 12 years expected life span.      Question we often get about German Shepherd Puppies is:  Why do they cost so much?  I  will try to explain this here.     Everyone wants a good deal right? Who doesn't like a sale or a good bargain? If I could get a Hummer - Silverado - Jaguar - for let's say the price of a Dodge or Nissan - it would be GREAT!  No offence but there is a price difference in these car makes for a reason:   There is a Quality difference   There are Attractive Upgrades that make your life more enjoyable     Let me take a moment and explain a little - The German Shepherd originated from Germany but in America we have gotten FAR away from the true German standard that has been known and loved for years!! There is NO quality in the American bred Shepherd because the registry does not enforce any breeding standards.     Yup, I can breed 2 floppy eared brother and sister AKC Shepherds and sell them - yes - and people will buy them because they are cheap!!      Now, they'' might'' even look beautiful to you - but are lacking in bone structure, in temperament and usually have drastic health issues.   I KNOW because I get calls and emails daily from the buyers of such dogs.  Recently I have seen such a demand for German Shepherd puppies that - not only is everyone breeding them - but the breeders are asking over $1000 for garbage.   It’s about price for many buyers, they don't know what to really look for or what to ask about so they just try to get the best deal.      With many sellers its all about the money - they are NOT knowledgeable with the standards nor the health issues in the American Line German Shepherd which are mostly absent from any German Bred Shepherd because in Germany there are STRICT regulations to keep the breed near perfect in all aspects.  I breed to keep with the standard and to improve the breed's temperament, health and workability. A German Shepherd Dog is an all-around dog. A family, farm, and work dog. They can do it all.     But not the American Bred German Shepherd!  Know the breed standard: their faults and health problems before you buy.    As for price?     It takes MONEY to buy a REAL German shepherd (3000.00 to 8000.00 )and MONEY to Import (2500 euros just to ship)   And 150.00 just to register a foreign  dog with USA with AKC.   (That does include the OFAtesting that is done on my dogs before breeding them)  It take money to train and raise in the home. It takes money for quality food-Orijen grain-free,wellness core and raw meat- NOT puppy chow junk. It also takes a lot of money to have all the testing done on the parents to make sure that they are having healthy, quality puppies.  There is a lot of time and money that goes into a Quality German Shepherd that you can be proud to own.  There are many breeders that sell AKC German Shepherd Dogs or Puppies for less, but the saying still stands true:  "You get what You pay for".     I pride myself in breeding healthy, big boned, confident dogs guaranteed! Even with all this my price is still lower than most Importers/Breeders of quality German Shepherd dogs.  I raise my puppies so that they will fit in any situation whether it be with elderly, with children, as a working dog, farm dog or police.  Be sure to check out my Upcoming Litters. Expected colors will be - Black Tan Red -   some with much more red.    My dams and Sirs are all Imports or From Imports/Import lines. They all have show or working titles in their pedigree   -=and have the hips x-rayed-clear of any hip issues- this is what will make the price a little different.


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